Interesting Facts About France Not Many People Know

For some English-speaking people, the French state and nation are often the subject of ridicule, whether as a nation of cheese-eaters who give up easily or who wear leeks. In fact, the French military actually has a record as the best military in Europe, with 168 wars since 387 BC and winning 109 of them. They lost 49 battles and drew 10 battles. Find out more on

All the reproaches actually refer to the state of World War II, when France lost 1.4 million dead plus 4.3 million injured. It is true that France surrendered at the start of the war, but at that time it was only the United States and the Soviet Union that were actually able to face the forces of the Wehrmact in 1939, even with heavy casualties. After Poland was betrayed by the British, Nazi Germany was able to carry out an attack at will and it was France who bore the direct impact. In 2017, Emmanuel Macron became the youngest president in French history. He was 39 at the time and married to his former school teacher who was 24 years his senior.

Even though the numbers are a bit lead, France is still at the top when it comes to tourism. With the image of a romantic nation, about 70 percent of tourists come from Europe. This is a sign of respect received from neighboring countries. However, like all countries in the world, there is of course a dark side to it. The streets of France invite suffering, but the nation can provide a great experience that many other nations cannot imitate. Not just wine and cognac, but the feeling among other nations that some things are done better by the French than others.

France in addition to having a beautiful society and a strong economy, Paris is also a major tourist destination. Every year approximately 80 million tourists come to this country which has more than 40,000 ancient castles. France also has amusement rides that are a mainstay. This one place is more popular and much in demand by visitors, namely Disneyland.

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