What Should We Do If There Is An Investment Offer?

Companies that offer investment models carelessly, if true, should be the richest in the world, without having to bother looking for customers. His profit is far greater than that of Warren Buffet, the richest investor in the world who can only make 24% of his investment per year. If the company exists, of course, the owner is listed as the richest person in the world. But no, right? That’s why you need a visit to our official website at http://www.forexkenya.net/olymp-trade-kenya.html.

If we want to be more observant and thorough, we can easily detect the characteristics of this fraud under the guise of investing or trading. Indeed, this is a big advantage that is offered to attract victims. Moreover, many people like an instant. Want to get rich quickly without trying. Often they guarantee a large amount of profit regularly. From the past until now, there is only one main feature of fraud in the investment business, namely offering high profits to customers. Generally, fraud under the guise of money games requires the victim to find another victim (member get member). Now there is also a mode that does not emphasize member get member, but in principle, it still needs a lot of members for the guide scheme to work. Because of that, someone changed the member get member system by using their marketing team. Usually, they are old members who have experienced the “benefits” of the money game. Even these old members are usually militants, who support them furiously because it is the ones who get into the money game system the most benefited. They are the ones who are diligent in looking for new members to invite.

If we see that everything sells dreams, getting rich is easy. Even the managers did not hesitate to appear rich. Even though the money used for the spree comes from the members’ money. In the world of trading or investing, proper regulation is an important requirement. When choosing a broker, we should choose a bona fide broker, for example, registered in developed countries. In this way, we can minimize the potential for fraud. Usually, fraud under the guise of investing or trading uses a broker who turns out to be an affiliate or has no clear regulations.