Can Blockchain Technology Absorb Marketing Business?

The innovation of blockchain marketing has not yet fully unleashed its potential. However, some opinions say it will be realized in the future. Today’s modern industry allows blockchain players to place their technology in various business areas. Utilization in logistics, manufacturing, games to facial recognition technology is also absorbed by the open-source technology, visit us.


While some blockchain projects only present principles and do not qualitatively deliver innovation in some sectors, some initiatives have demonstrated practical benefits and advantages. Some others have illusional assumed that blockchain technology has nothing to do with the marketing and advertising industry. However, several developers have proven to use this decentralized technology in solving marketing problems.

Ahead of the marketing solutions unit of one of the world’s largest technology companies said that the benefits of blockchain in various fields emphasize the principles of trust and accountable validation.

In addition, the use of blockchain for the marketing industry eliminates intermediaries. This refers to various sources stating that there is a large monopoly on advertising revenue from various services such as Google and Facebook. Although industry players apply a transparent policy to clients, some opinions state the number of expenses that must be incurred to use their services.

Blockchain Brings New Face to Marketing Industry
Some opinions only judge that the benefits of blockchain are only related to the formation of cryptocurrencies. While the opinion does not fully represent the entity of the solutions offered by blockchain. It should be emphasized, this advanced ledger technology can print cryptocurrency, but not vice versa.

As a technology that presents a blockchain with information that continues to grow in real-time and is provided to every member involved, it makes data validation and industry effectiveness increase. Each transaction of data and information that has been confirmed by the participant reduces the possibility of misinformation from the data series. The founder of one of the cryptocurrencies has his views on blockchain as a solution for today’s modern industry.