You Must Know Common Problems Of Automatic Wooden Gates And Their Solutions

The beauty of the automatic gate from wood material is worth noting because this is the first exterior element that people see from a house. Its function is also to beautify the appearance of the dwelling, so taking care of the wooden automated gates is very important so that they always look beautiful and functional.

Well, before discussing general tips, let’s first identify what are often the problems with wooden house automatic gates as well as what practical solutions are. Let’s discuss it one by one!

Termite attack

Termites are one of the main problems that often attack the structure of wood materials. Including the automatic gate of any type of wood is no less vulnerable to termite attack.

Well, to overcome this problem, you can take preventive steps by applying termite-proof material using smearing or as a mixture of paint or other finishing.

In addition, for periodic maintenance to repel termites, you can use termite repellent chemicals that are sprayed at least every six months.

Dull colour

Exposure to sunlight and rain can cause the colour of the automatic wooden gate to become dull over time. This problem requires an extra automatic wooden gate care strategy.

To bring back the bright colour of the automatic wooden gate, you can paint it with ordinary paint that has been mixed with termite or mildew repellent. In addition, it can also be done more easily without having to repaint, which is by applying special care products for wood.

Surface mushroom

Another problem that is no less common in automatic wooden gates is the appearance of fungus. This generally occurs due to wood material that is too often moist. Especially during the rainy season which is often a big problem for outdoor automatic gates made of wood.

To overcome this, you can do the simplest way to care for an automatic wooden gate. That is by painting the surface of the automatic gate using natural polishing paint that contains an antiseptic to kill the fungus so that it cannot grow and spread.

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